Boris vows to LOVE BOMB rebel MPs after being crowned Tory leader as he assembles his team and appoints REMAINER Mark Spencer as chief whip.

Boris Johnson was cheered to the rafters by Tory MPs tonight - as he got his leadership off to a running start by appointing Mark Spencer as his chief whip.
鲍里斯·约翰逊今晚为保守党国会议员们欢呼 - 当时他通过任命马克·斯宾塞作为他的议会多数党领袖开始了他的领袖之路。

Mr Johnson was greeted with whooping and banging of desks as he arrived to address the backbench 1922 committee at Parliament after securing the top job. In an up-beat plea for unity, he promised to 'love bomb' those who did not back him.

The new Conservative leader spent the afternoon thrashing out the shape of the rest of his team with aides amid high secrecy, with rumours swirling over who will get the biggest posts when he officially takes over from Theresa May as PM tomorrow.

He kicked off the process by drafting in Mr Spencer, a Remainer in the referendum who is little-known outside Westminster but a respected behind-the-scenes operator. Sky executive Andrew Griffith has been brought in as the No10 'corporate adviser'.
他在斯宾塞先生的起草中开始了这一过程,斯宾塞是公投中的反脱欧者,他在威斯敏斯特以外鲜为人知,但却是一位受人尊敬的幕后操作员。?天空电视台执行官Andrew Griffith被任命为第十号“组织顾问”。

No formal announcements are expected until after he gets the keys to No10, but Sajid Javid, Liz Truss and Matt Hancock are widely thought to be battling it out to become Chancellor. Mr Javid arrived for the '22 with Mr Johnson, in what could be a sign he is destined for the Treasury.
在他成为第十号组织顾问之后,预计不会发出任何正式公告,但是Sajid Javid,Liz Truss和Matt Hancock被普遍认为正在争夺它以成为首相。 Javid先生与约翰逊先生一起来到了22年,这可能是他去往财政部的标志。

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt is fighting to avoid being evicted from the Foreign Office after failing to run Mr Johnson close in the Tory contest. The two men were reported to have had a long conversation in the 'green room' before the result was declared at the Queen Elizabeth II centre, with speculation they might have been discussing his future. Mr Hunt conspicuously opted to attend the gathering of MPs this evening, suggesting he is happy with the outcome of the talks.
与此同时,杰里米·亨特正在努力避免因未能在保守党竞选中几乎赶上约翰逊先生而被驱逐出外交部。 据报道,在结果于伊丽莎白二世中心宣布之前,这两名男子在演员休息室进行了长时间的谈话,并猜测他们可能一直在讨论他们的未来。 亨特先生明显选择参加今晚的国会议员聚会,表示他对会谈的结果感到满意。

Mr Johnson's family including father Stanley, sister Rachel and brother Jo were among those in the audience to hear the news that he had secured 66 per cent of the 140,000 votes from activists. However, there was no sign of girlfriend Carrie Symonds.
约翰逊先生的家人,包括父亲斯坦利,妹妹雷切尔和弟弟乔,都在听众中听到他从激进分子那获得总票数140,000张选票的66%的消息。 然而,女友Carrie Symonds没有露面。

The announcement was immediately hailed by US president Donald Trump, who said Mr Johnson would do a 'great job'. But EU negotiator Michel Barnier indicated that while he wanted to 'work constructively' with the new PM the Withdrawal Agreement was not up for grabs.
这一消息立刻受到美国总统唐纳德特朗普的欢迎,他说约翰逊先生会做得很好。 但欧盟谈判代表米歇尔·巴尼耶表示,虽然他希望与新任总理进行“建设性的合作”,但“退出协议”并未大家都有份。

However, Mr Johnson is also facing a potentially catastrophic Tory mutiny as MPs mobilise against his 'do or die' vow to secure Brexit by Halloween - even if it means crashing out without an agreement.
然而,约翰逊先生也面临着潜在的灾难性的保守党叛变,因为国会议员动员反对他的“决一死战”誓言以确保万圣节前脱欧 - 即使这意味着没有达成协议就会出局。

Education minister Anne Milton quit minutes before Mr Johnson's coronation, saying she had 'grave concerns' and could not fall into line with his Brexit policy. ?Remainers including Philip Hammond, Rory Stewart and Dominic Grieve also stayed away from the '22 meeting tonight.
教育部长安妮·米尔顿在约翰逊加冕之前几分钟辞职,称她“深深担忧”并且不能同意他的英国退欧政策。 包括菲利普·哈蒙德,罗里·斯图尔特和多米尼克·格里夫在内的反脱欧者也没有参加今晚的22日会议。

Justice Secretary David Gauke - another of around half-a-dozen ministers who have said they will resign rather than serve under Mr Johnson - issued a stark warning earlier that Parliament will find a way to block No Deal.
司法部长大卫高克 - 大约六个部长中的另一个说他们将辞职而不会在约翰逊先生的领导下任职?- 早些时候有一个严厉的警告,即议会将找到阻止无协议脱欧的方法。

After Sir Alan Duncan quit as Foreign Office minister yesterday in an abortive effort to force a confidence vote to block Mr Johnson becoming PM, the leadership front runner embarked on a charm offensive.

He held talks with Chancellor Mr Hammond and Mr Gauke last night, but while discussions were 'friendly' they did not back down on their opposition to No Deal.?

In his victory speech, Mr Johnson - whose ambition as a boy was to be 'World King' - paid tribute to Mr Hunt, and thanked Theresa May for her 'extraordinary' service to the country. He said he would bring a 'can do spirit' to 'deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn'.
在他的胜利演讲中,约翰逊先生 - 他小时候的野心是成为'世界之王' - 向亨特先生表示敬意,并感谢特丽莎梅对该国的“非凡”贡献。 他说,他将带来一个“可以实现的精神”来“让英国脱欧,团结国家,击败杰里米科尔宾”。

Mr Johnson told Tory activists that critics may 'question the wisdom of your decision'.

He said: 'No one party, no one person has a monopoly of wisdom but… it is we Conservatives who have had the best insights into human nature and the best insights into how to manage the jostling sets of instincts in the human heart.

'Time and again it is to us that the people of this country have turned to get that balance right.'?

Mr Johnson joked that the acronym for his 'deliver, unite and defeat' goals was 'DUD'. But he insisted he was going to add an 'E' to make 'DUDE'.
约翰逊先生开玩笑说,他的“deliver完成脱欧,unite团结国家和defeat击败杰里米·科尔宾”这三个目标的英文首字母缩写为“DUD”。 但他坚持说他要加上'E'变成'DUDE'伙计。

'Dude, we are going to energise the country,' he said to laughter. 'Like some slumbering giant we are going to arise and ping off the guy ropes of self-doubt.'
“伙计,我们要为国家注入活力,”他笑着说。 “就像一些沉睡的巨人一样,我们将会苏醒并挣脱这些自我怀疑的束缚。”

Sources in Mr Johnson's camp had predicted he would secure more than 60 per cent of the vote, giving him a 'free hand' to sack his enemies and steer the Tories on a new course.?

A source close to Mr Johnson said Cabinet appointments would not be made until tomorrow evening.?

Having visited CCHQ to thank staff, he spent this afternoon drawing up the top ministerial team and preparing his speech for tomorrow.

Mr Johnson has appointed as his senior business adviser Andrew Griffith, the chief financial officer of Sky who has been providing the base for his leadership campaign.

Mr Griffith will be based full time in Downing Street from tomorrow, Sky's Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch told staff in an email.

Griffith worked for Sky for 20 years, joining the board as CFO in 2008 and later adding chief operating officer to his responsibilities. Sky, previously part owned by Rupert Murdoch, was sold to Comcast Corp in 2018.
格里菲斯为天空电视台工作了20年,2008年加入董事会担任首席财务官,后来又担任了首席运营官。 之前由Rupert Murdoch所有的天空电视台于2018年被出售给康卡斯特公司。

He went into Parliament to address the '22 at 4pm, with supportive Tories telling reporters camped outside the private meeting that he had been 'inspiring'. ?

MP Keith Simpson said Mr Johnson's speech had been 'very funny' with plenty of jokes.

Asked what the new leader's supporters had been doing he added: 'They were all sitting trying not to look like they're ambitious little sh**s.'?

He added: 'The circus has come to town. 'There's high wire acts, there's the beauty queen... it was classically Boris. It was very funny.'?
他补充道:“马戏团来到了城里。这儿有很高的电线,有美丽的女王......这是经典的鲍里斯·约翰逊。 非常有意思。“

Nicky Morgan told reporters: 'He said he doesn't want an early election.'

Mr Johnson was also invited to scrap the troubled HS2 project, but dodged, saying he was getting in 'someone from Hong Kong airport' to carry out a review.

Within minutes of the result, Mr Trump - who has previously heaped praise on the former London mayor - had responded on Twitter.
在结果出来的几分钟内,特朗普先生 - 此前曾对前伦敦市长赞不绝口 - 在推特上作出了回应。

'Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will be great!,' the president wrote.
“祝贺鲍里斯·约翰逊成为英国新任总理。 他会做得很棒!“?总统写道。

Mr Trump's daughter Ivanka tweeted an apparent typo as she added her congratulations to Mr Johnson for becoming 'the next Prime Minister of the United Kingston'.?

Mr Barnier said he wanted to work with Johnson 'to facilitate the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement and achieve an orderly #Brexit'.

But in a sign that the legal divorce package will not be reopened, he merely said he was ready to 'rework' the non-binding political declaration on future UK-EU ties.

Putting a brave face on his overwhelming defeat, Mr Hunt tweeted: 'Congratulations Boris Johnson for a campaign well fought.?

'You'll be a great PM for our country at this critical moment!?

'Throughout campaign you showed optimism, energy and unbounded confidence in our wonderful country and we need that. All best wishes from the entrepreneur.'

Brexit party leader Nigel Farage demanded to know whether Mr Johnson had the 'courage to deliver'.

'I wish Boris Johnson well as Prime Minister with his do or die pledge to deliver Brexit on October 31st,' he said.

'Does he have the courage to deliver?'

Outgoing PM Mrs May delivered a thinly-veiled warning about his uncompromising approach on Brexit, saying MPs must 'work together'.

'Many congratulations to @BorisJohnson on being elected leader of @Conservatives - we now need to work together to deliver a Brexit that works for the whole UK and to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of government.?
“祝贺鲍里斯·约翰逊成为保守党的当选领导人 - 我们现在需要共同努力,实现适用于整个英国的英国脱欧,并让杰里米远离政府之列。

'You will have my full support from the back benches.'?

Former Tory MP Heidi Allen, now an independent, tweeted in response to Mr Johnson's victory: 'If ever I needed reminding why I left #notmypm.'

DUP leader Arlene Foster urged Mr Johnson to deliver Brexit and make sure devolved government is restored in Northern Ireland.

She told Sky News: 'For me it has always been the most important thing to defend the union and promote the union and we had a conversation about that today and I believe he shares that view as well.'

Mr Johnson's share of the vote - 66.4 per cent - was slightly lower than the 67.6 per cent share won by David Cameron in the 2005 leadership election.
约翰逊先生的投票份额--66.4% - 略低于戴维·卡梅隆在2005年领导选举中赢得的67.6%。

Yesterday, Sir Alan - Mr Johnson's former deputy - dramatically quit as Foreign Office minister in an apparent bid to prevent him becoming PM.
昨天,艾伦爵士 - 约翰逊先生的前副手 - 大张旗鼓地辞去外交部长的职务,显然是为了阻止他成为首相。

Sir Alan, a long-time critic of Mr Johnson, invoked the Queen as he attempted to force a confidence vote in the Commons today – but the move was ruled out by the Speaker John Bercow.
长期以来一直挑剔约翰逊先生的艾伦爵士援引了女王,因为他今天试图在下议院强制进行信任投票 - 但这一行为被议长约翰·博尔科取消。

International development secretary Rory Stewart also informed Mr Johnson yesterday that he would be resigning from the Cabinet before he takes power, following the lead set by Philip Hammond and justice secretary David Gauke.

Mr Stewart indicated he would join the band of Remainer rebels on the Tory backbenches, saying: 'There is a majority of two, and I have at least three friends.'

Mr Gauke told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme he believed there were 'parliamentary mechanisms' that could prevent No Deal which would 'not necessarily' involve bringing down a Johnson administration.

He stressed that he would not vote against a Tory government in a motion of no confidence if it was heading towards a no-deal Brexit.

But Mr Gauke warned: 'There is a clear majority in the House of Commons that doesn't want to leave the EU without a deal; I think that will become very clear in the autumn.'

In all, up to a dozen ministers are expected to jump ship in the next 36 hours before Mr Johnson officially becomes PM tomorrow afternoon.

Ms Milton quit her post minutes before Mr Johnson was elected, saying ?she had ?'grave concerns about leaving the EU without a deal'.

The Guildford MP, who has spend nine years in various Government posts, said in her resignation letter: 'I have always believed that our departure from the European Union should be centered around future co-operation, and I had sincerely hoped that we would be able to leave the EU in March with a deal.?

'I regret very much that this was not possible.

'However, I have grave concerns about leaving the EU without a deal, and so I feel it is time for me to return to the backbenches.'

The PM-elect has already been plotting the first frantic phase of his premiership.