Earlier this week, the world gained yet another celebrity beauty line in the form of Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories.

本周早些时候,又有一款名人美容产品上市了,就是Lady Gaga的Haus Laboratories(美妆品牌)。

Back then, we only knew the name (Haus), the slogan (“Our Haus. Your Rules.”), where it would live (Amazon) and the focus (makeup and color.)

当时我们只知道品牌名称(Haus)、广告语(“Our Haus. Your Rules”)、出售平台(亚马逊)和主打产品(彩妆)。

Now we have multiple faces, product shots, and swatches to look at.


Let’s break it down. There are six HAUS collections ($49) that each include a shimmery powder called Glam Attack, a creamy lip liner called RIP, and a high-shine lip gloss called Le Riot.

我们来详细说明一下。HAUS一共6大系列(售价$49),每套里都有Glam Attack闪粉、RIP滋润唇线笔和Le Riot高光唇彩。

All six Hauses have names and what seems to be distinctive personalities, just like the Hogwarts ones.


There’s HAUS of Chained Ballerina, HAUS of Goddess, HAUS of Rose B*tch (personal favorite already), HAUS of Rockstar, HAUS of Dynasty, and HAUS of Metal Head, which you can see modeled by Gaga and swiped on a variety of arms below.

6个系列包括HAUS of Chained Ballerina、HAUS of Goddess、HAUS of Rose B*tch(我个人最爱)、HAUS of Rockstar、HAUS of Dynasty和HAUS of Metal Head,你都可以看到Gaga本人亲自试妆,下面还有各种肤色的胳膊试色。

There will also be nine limited-time duo sets that will also be available for preorder on Prime Day — that is, this Monday, July 15 — while supplies last.


There are three Glam Attack duos (named Speed Queen, Give ‘Em Heaven, Downtown Punk) at $36, three RIP duos (named Floor It, Royalty, Slay Me) for $26, and three Le Riot duos (named Laced, Seductress, Hypocrite) for $32.

三个Glam Attack两支装(名字分别是Speed Queen、Give ‘Em Heaven、Downtown Punk)售价$36,三个RIP两支装(名字分别是Floor It、Royalty、Slay Me)售价$26,三个Le Riot两支装(名字分别是Laced、Seductress、Hypocrite)售价$32。

Take the weekend to sort yourself into a Haus or two, and don’t be afraid to ask Alexa for some help; you only have two days to decide which combos to drop in your cart so you can paint half of your head come September.

周末考虑考虑买一套还是两套Haus 彩妆吧,别害怕找Alexa(亚马逊语音助手)求助,你只有两天的时间来决定把哪些化妆品放进购物车,然后就能在九月份把半张脸都化上妆了。